Looking for better sustainability practices in your organisation?

Then these courses may be exactly what you are looking for.

Almost 70% of Australian workers believe that it is important for their organisation to behave in a sustainable way and yet feel that their organisations are not rising to that challenge*.

A number of behaviours were identified including the natural tendency for behaviour to revert to the lowest common denominator if the systems did not support the new behaviour and that motivating staff continuously is an imperative.

Organisations across Australia have embraced sustainability practices through planning procedures, innovative business support and within infrastructure projects.

But are staff always exhibiting those ‘best-practice’ sustainable behaviours?

Sustainability at Work believes, and the research supports this, that an engaged and educated team is critical to achieving your sustainability goals and right now we’re pleased to offer a number of training programs to suit:

What is sustainability and why it’s crucial to organisations Sustainability means different things to different people. So when a sustainability program is being introduced into your workplace, what does that mean to you, your staff and stakeholders?This course will explain to basics of sustainability, sustainable workplace programs and how important people are to the framework and to get results. Course outline
Establishing your Green Team How do you tap into staff potential to drive your sustainability strategy?This course will show you how to identify and prepare tools for staff engagement including peer to peer, training, communications, mentoring and recognition and establish functional effective green teams. Course outline
Sustainability for Leaders Organisations have to address how they do business.  Customers, staff and stakeholders are demanding that business perform and report across the three pillars of sustainability: profit, planet and people. What does sustainability leadership really mean?This course covers recognising top down and bottom up leaders in sustainability and how to nurture this culture within your organisation. Course outline
Greening your Supply Chain A truly sustainable organisation requires access to sustainable goods and services. This course shows you how to think about your organisation’s inputs through the sustainability supply chain lens.  It also show you how do you bring your supply chain on your sustainability journey?This course provides insights, tools and case study examples of sustainable supply chain management. Course outline

All sessions include:

A 1hr pre-workshop briefing session so that Sustainability at Work understands the current state of play within your department or organisation and then incorporates that into the course.
2.5 hour in-house course
Course Presenter
Course materials
Course evaluation feedback form

Pricing: $1,500 ex gst per session with a maximum of 30 attendees.Travel outside of Sydney or Melbourne metropolitan area will be charged at cost.

Book two or more sessions by the 30 June 2012 and receive a 10% discount.

Please contact Sustainability at Work if you would like these courses (or variances) added to your Council Commercial Workshop series for your constituents.

BOOK TODAY Email:   info@sustainabilityatwok.com.au? Sydney Office: 02 9572 9126 or 0412 811 450 ?MelbourneOffice: 03 9982 1211 or 0412 149 624??*National Study into Sustainability in the workplace